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Close to VCU & VCU Medical Center

Close to UNC Greensboro

University Property owns and manages rental properties in growing and dynamic university communities. 


Our residents include undergraduate and graduate students, young professionals, faculty, staff and other community members. 


Our property management customers are owners, like us, who are committed to providing high quality, close proximity housing alternatives which are:

Safe. Clean. Quality. Connected. ᵀᴹ

We aim to enrich the communities where we operate by providing a high quality residential experience, offered at good value.  We maintain our properties to high standards and our lease agreements require our renting customers to be good neighbors.


Although our apartments are highly utilized and availability may appear limited, please use the Contact Us feature to let us know if you are looking for a new home and we will be certain to keep you apprised of availability.


Our Core Values

Lock representing Safety


We strive to provide our residents with a comfortable, worry-free living environment. 


We do this by renting properties located in safe surroundings, and providing features such as secure locking systems, video and/or third-party security systems and motion-activated lighting.

Vacuum representing Cleanliness


We service and maintain our properties, and collaborate with our residents, to keep our building exteriors and common areas free from clutter, and our grounds well-landscaped. 


Our leases contain language designed to encourage “good neighbor” conduct.

Badge representing High-Quality


Our properties are constructed and maintained to high standards.  Most have undergone substantial recent renovation.


We provide our residents with the convenience and comfort of modern appliances and amenities, and responsive maintenance. 


We believe high quality and good value go together.

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Our residents have livelihoods that demand that they stay connected to school, work, family and friends. 


Most of our properties provide our residents with free high-speed internet access, ready to use when they move in.  All of our properties are wired for more comprehensive entertainment media if sought by our residents. 

You can contact us through our offices if you have a question about renting in Richmond or Greensboro.
For other inquiries, please contact us using the general inquiry email.

plan of Marshall Adams Apartment


University Property also manages properties in the same university communities where we own property.

If you are a landlord and you share our philosophy, please contact us about managing your property.

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