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Landscaping Renovation Project in Greensboro

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

We have started a major landscaping renovation project at our Greensboro, NC building complex. In addition to the targeted aesthetic improvements, the alterations are meant to create a more sustainable, simpler-to-maintain grounds maintenance strategy with plant life that thrives in Greensboro’s soil and climate. We will be featuring bushes and trees that are common in North Carolina, such as the Holly and the Crepe Myrtle, which are already somewhat prevalent on the grounds. However, through the years prior to our acquisition, some of these trees have been damaged by invasive species and disease.

Did you know the holly tree (or bush) has 480 species? Although there is a Carolina Holly, the English Holly and the American Holly are most common. American Holly will feature on our grounds. Hollies are very tolerant of varying soil conditions and temperatures. Pruning them helps to maintain their good health.

The Crepe Myrtle, with its smooth bark and reddish leaves, is very common throughout North Carolina and the American South more generally. We have some beautiful adult Crepe Myrtles on our grounds, but some are unhealthy with sooty mold and aphids. We plan to treat the ones that we can. They are beautiful trees that thrive in varied soils and are drought resistant. Little known fact: they originate on the Indian sub-continent, so despite their prevalence today, the Crepe Myrtles are not a true native species.

We expect to finish this project within three weeks. Special thanks to our friends at Complete Lawn Grounds for their help and partnership.

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