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Our Investment In The "New" Reynolds Place Apartments

This fall will mark two years since University Property took over management of what is now called Reynolds Place Apartments in Greensboro, and as of this post we are in our second summer of seasonal lease turnovers. A lot has changed in 20 months, much of it arising from significant investments by us to transform the resident experience.

Safe. Clean. Quality. Connected.TM is not only our slogan, it’s the philosophy that underpins our approach to resident engagement, marketing, maintenance and everything else that impacts resident life. There is a place in the housing market for everyone’s taste, but our goal to provide high quality at good value, where we aim to focus resources on the core things that really matter to our busy residents, who work, go to school or do both.

Safety” is first for a reason. Here are a few safety initiatives we have undertaken:

  • Installed video monitoring throughout the property exteriors, including the parking lots.

  • Upgraded and installed modern, up to code, fire detection and monitoring equipment.

  • Replaced key locks with PIN locks for all apartment front doors.

  • Constructed a secure package delivery room for our residents’ convenience and security.

Clean” and “Quality” often go together. Here are a few of these kinds of initiatives we have undertaken:

  • Dramatic landscaping upgrade, which is sustainable and eliminates areas that may collect waste and vermin.

  • New LED lighting in all apartment common areas and many bedrooms.

  • 20 bathroom renovations, such that every Athena apartment (ie, a 2-bed x 2 bath) has a new bathroom.

Upgraded Bathroom and Kitchens

  • New flooring, carpet/composite surface in more than half of our apartments.

  • Implemented a maintenance protocol that has reduced maintenance calls by 50%.

These protocols include:

  • Proactive maintenance of HVAC (heating and air conditioning) and replacement, with roughly 40% of our HVAC units replaced.

  • Waste removal, pest control, and janitorial frequency consistent with best commercial practices.

  • Replaced approximately half of all washer/dryer units in each apartment, along with dozens of appliances that were old or substandard.

  • Reduced response times for maintenance requests dramatically, starting with 24/7 resident messaging capability.

Connected” encompasses technologies that are fast, mobile and accessible:

  • Free high speed internet access in every apartment.

  • Secure, on-line rent payment platform with immediate account credit.

  • Maintenance requests by text, e-mail or phone.

  • Lease access and execution entirely paperless and on-line.

We have accomplished a lot in a short time, and as we continue to invest in the future, we want to continue to attract discerning residents who share our values and seek the resident experience we aim to create.

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