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Our Richmond  Apartments

We  own and manage apartment properties in the vicinity of VCU and VCU Medical Center  in Richmond, with over a hundred and twenty five different apartments available.  Our Apartment Buildings provide a residential experience and offer amenities typical of full service buildings.  Our Classic RVA Living Buildings offer a traditional urban RVA experience that embraces the history of downtown Richmond.

Our buildings are Safe. Clean. Quality. Connected. ᵀᴹ 


Apartment Buildings

Classic RVA Living

Clssic RVA

Our Core Strategy


We strive to provide our customers with a comfortable, worry-free living environment. 


We do this by renting properties located in safe surroundings, and providing features such as secure locking systems, video and/or third-party security systems and motion-activated lighting.


We service and maintain our properties, and collaborate with our renting customers, to keep our building exteriors and common areas free from clutter, and our grounds well-landscaped. 


Our leases contain language designed to encourage “good neighbor” conduct.


Our properties are constructed and maintained to high standards.  Most have undergone substantial recent renovation.


We provide our customers with the convenience and comfort of modern appliances and amenities, and responsive maintenance. 


We believe high quality and good value go together.


Our customers have livelihoods that demand that they stay connected to school, work, family and friends. 


Most of our properties provide our customers with free high-speed internet access, ready to use when they move in.  All of our properties are wired for more comprehensive entertainment media if sought by our customers. 

Richmond Properties News

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