Our Richmond Rental Apartments

We have 8 different rental apartment properties in the immediate vicinity of VCU and VCU Medical Center  in Richmond, with over a hundred different apartments available.

Leases with current customers are generally renewed 90-120 days before the Earliest Occupancy Date.  Our apartments are labeled "Available to Rent Now" as soon as we know that our current customers will be vacating.  

You need not wait to ask a question or to let your interest in an apartment be known. 

Please contact us at any time with questions or to express interest in one of our buildings or apartments.

Our buildings are Safe. Clean. Quality. Connected. 

  • 21 Apartments ranging from 1-3 bedrooms

    Theater Row Apartments

    Recently renovated, historic preservation building in the center of the Arts District, across from the Maggie Walker statue and the Pulse Bus stop, and four blocks from VCU. Parking available.

  • 11 Apartments ranging from 1-3 bedrooms

    Marshall Adams Apartments

    Tastefully restored, historic brick building on the corner of Marshall and Adams. Heart of the Arts District, a short walk to both VCU and VCU School of Medicine. Maggie Walker statue and Saison within sight.

  • 37 Apartments - 1 and 2 bedrooms

    Cornish Brewery Apartments

    The former Cornish Home Brewery (dating back to 1885) was redeveloped into 37 unique apartments in 2008 with historic features preserved. A landmark building on the corner of Clay and Harrison Streets, about a block from VCU’s Siegel Center.

  • 2 Apartments - 2 bedrooms each

    China Street Apartments

    It's the building everybody knows and remembers - a former school house, now fully renovated into modern apartments, overlooking Oregon Hill Linear Park.

  • 8 Apartments with modern amenities

    Artisan Alley Apartments

    Landmark living address on Broad Street two blocks east of the VCU Institute for Contemporary Art. Fully renovated blend of historic features and modern amenities.

  • 4 Condominiums with modern features

    Marshall Place Condos

    Spacious, bright, comfortable living in Jackson Ward with front porch and shared backyard. Three blocks from VCU Institute for Contemporary Art. Short walk to VCU.

  • 2 Three-Bedroom Apartments - Freshly Renovated

    Primera House Apartments

    Fully renovated classic duplex with front porch and off-street parking, steps from VCU. Two blocks from Sugar Shack, two blocks from Kroger, three blocks from Siegel Center.

  • 1 Apartment - 4 Bedrooms

    Catherine Street Apartment

    Well-appointed duplex, one block from Siegel Center and two blocks from Kroger. Comfortable and convenient, with off-street parking.


Our Core Strategy


We strive to provide our customers with a comfortable, worry-free living environment. 


We do this by renting properties located in safe surroundings, and providing features such as secure locking systems, video and/or third-party security systems and motion-activated lighting.


We service and maintain our properties, and collaborate with our renting customers, to keep our building exteriors and common areas free from clutter, and our grounds well-landscaped. 


Our leases contain language designed to encourage “good neighbor” conduct.


Our properties are constructed and maintained to high standards.  Most have undergone substantial recent renovation.


We provide our customers with the convenience and comfort of modern appliances and amenities, and responsive maintenance. 


We believe high quality and good value go together.


Our customers have livelihoods that demand that they stay connected to school, work, family and friends. 


Most of our properties provide our customers with free high-speed internet access, ready to use when they move in.  All of our properties are wired for more comprehensive entertainment media if sought by our customers. 

Richmond Properties News

Please contact us if you have questions or to schedule a virtual walk through of Apartments During Coronavirus restrictions.

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