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No More Mailbox Keys!

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

We have blogged and posted in the past of our initiatives to eliminate keys from our buildings in favor of new technologies that provide better security, consistent with our Safe. Clean. Quality. Connected. strategy. Keys can be lost, stolen, and replicated, leaving access compromised unless a lock mechanism is replaced or rekeyed. Meanwhile, new and exciting technologies are increasingly available for secure, restricted-access common area entrances, as well as for apartment access. We have deployed these technology solutions in one form or another in all of our buildings.

Now we have gone a step further. We recently completed an initiative to transition all of our mailboxes to PIN access, replacing keys. PIN-activated locks with unique, re-codable PINs enhance security for our residents. Mail contains personal, confidential information that should be kept as secure as possible.

Modifying the locks on apartment mailboxes requires considerable engineering skill. Mailbox units are designed to be theft resistant; it’s difficult to access and alter their lock mechanisms. And importantly, any modifications to mailbox access must not interfere with secure access required by the USPS. This makes it difficult and a logistical challenge to change locks without compromising security and daily access. Although there are implementation challenges, our interest in providing more secure mailbox access is perfectly aligned with the interests of the USPS and our residents.

With this project complete we can confirm: our residents like better security and they prefer not to carry keys with them. No surprises there!

Plus there’s a useful side benefit: eliminating keys reduces cost and makes University Property a more sustainable enterprise.

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תגובה אחת

22 בנוב׳ 2022

You can also look for keyless entry locks if you want to get rid of mailbox keys. These keyless entry locks has been installed by a locksmith expert and these locks require no key for their operation.

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