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Property Management

We manage rental properties for other owners based on the same principles and using the same practices as we employ for the properties we own.  These principles and practices emphasize providing a comfortable, well-maintained, convenient living experience to our customers in quality living environments that are safe, clean and connected.  If you share our principles and believe your property fits the profile of University Property, please contact us.


We strive to create a residence experience for our renting customers that is consistent with our motto: Safe, Clean, Quality and Connected. Since we will market managed properties alongside our own, we only manage properties for owners who share our philosophy. This includes proactive maintenance and providing high quality amenities. 

We believe that our properties rent more consistently and at higher rental rates due to their perceived quality and comfort.

Our Approach

We offer full service property management to owners, including:


  • Marketing on our website and through listing services

  • Tenant prospecting and evaluation

  • Lease administration

  • Billing and collection

  • Maintenance and repair


We are not realtors; we don’t broker sales or purchases of properties.


University Property makes it easy for our owner customers to invest in rental properties without the attendant hassles of managing them.


In regard to our management fees, we offer two tiers of service based on the expected time and effort required to manage a subject property.  Our fees, including the component of them attributable to lease administration, are very competitive relative to the market.

Why University Property
to manage your
Rental property Investment?

Why UP?

Let's Talk about your property and how we can help you.

please call us at 1-833-uniprop ext. 2, or submit below and we will contact you.

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 *By signing up, you are granting University Property permission to contact you in relation to property management. 

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