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Security System Installed at Reynolds Place Apartments

We recently completed the installation of a video monitoring system at Reynolds Place Apartments in Greensboro, NC. Our corporate slogan is Safe. Clean. Quality. Connected.™ and these principles, safe being the first among them, are infused everywhere in our company.

Security systems are complex and present companies like University Property with dozens of alternatives. What kind of system should we install and with what objectives? What kind of cameras make sense given the security objectives and space being monitored? How can we be sure the system has the reliable electric power it needs? How will we transmit and store data?

At Reynolds Place Apartments the system design is meant primarily for surveillance of common areas, such as parking lots, building entrances, mailboxes, bike racks, and refuse areas. The core objectives of the security system are to deter unwanted activity, as well as provide us with visual evidence if it’s ever required. The system has to be effective 24-hours a day and in all environmental conditions.

Our system uses a combination of “bullet” style and dome style cameras. Bullet cameras are rectangular and appear to point at the area being photo recorded. Dome cameras are the common, round cameras with a dome cover frequently deployed in airports, shopping stores, and other public spaces. Ours cameras tolerate rugged environments, have night vision, are vandal-proof, and provide us with high-definition images via a private network.

Unlike the other facilities investments we have made to provide our residents with a safe and comfortable living experience, we hope this one is under-utilized.

Special thanks to our friends at Alarmguard Security, Inc. for their support and professionalism.

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1 Comment

Jan 29, 2022

I also rented a new apartment and i also want new security systems in my apartment. Any locksmith here for the best recommendations?

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