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Lion’s Head Door Knockers. Welcoming? Or menacing?

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Our recent re-branding in the Lower Fan ( led us to wonder: why is a lion’s head frequently used as the design for a door knocker? Security objectives are behind our embrace of technology and modernity in our access control choices, none of which include door knockers. But the logo design of Leo’s Path Apartments gave us a chance to explore some tradition and history.

Door knockers date back to ancient Greece and Rome. By the time of 16th century Britain, door knocker designs had evolved to reflect a homeowner’s preference and status. Wealthy homeowners had more ornate door knockers. Others opted for religious themes. In the centuries that followed, brass became the prevalent metal used.

The lion’s head knocker became a tradition in British, Victorian 19th century homes. In addition to being a royal emblem, the lion is associated with the virtues of strength, pride, and protection. This tradition of a lion’s head, on door knockers and at entrances, made its way to the US and other countries and remains popular.

Our logo design for Leo’s Path Apartments is meant to draw from the lion’s head tradition as well as to tie in the latin word for Lion (Leo). Welcoming or menacing? Definitely welcoming and safe, as in Safe. Clean. Quality. Connected.TM

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