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Residential Needs of Graduate/Medical Students

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

The housing markets in university communities experience seasonality consistent with the school calendar, even for neighborhoods and buildings that may have low student presence. And whereas it’s easy to imagine U-Haul trucks and family cars pulling up to dormitories in the late Summer to drop off undergraduates, among the ranks of the movers are graduate students, who have profoundly different housing needs and preferences.

Graduate students are generally older, disinterested in communal living environments, may be joined by family members, and are frequently seeking a residence for more than one year. Furthermore, their graduate education often requires a lifestyle – whether it be teaching, long work hours, work-from-home – that suggests a more settled and mature residential experience. At University Property we aim to provide that residential experience, while still offering close proximity to school, as well as the restaurants, coffee shops and other venues that make university communities fun places to live


The Association of American Medical Colleges recently published an update of medical school admissions demographics. You can find a link to it here:

The article provides a lot of interesting observations about the broad and increasing diversity of medical school admissions, while indicating that 24 is the mean age of a first-year medical student. However, our experience suggests the median age is higher, and the following article seems to support that observation:

The most clear dimension of diversity we see among our graduate student residents in all fields of study are international students, who also tend to seek a University Property experience. The article below suggests that 60-70% of graduates in STEM fields at US universities are international students.

Medical student? STEM? Graduate student? International? We’re ready for you at University Property.

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