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Pin-Activated Locks at Marshall Adams

Safety is one of the pillars of University Property, and even introduces our slogan: "Safe, Clean, Quality, Connected." In line with our mission statement, we recently increased our security throughout the apartments at Marshall Adams by replacing the locks with pin-activated, electric deadbolts. These locks cannot be picked, and clients select a unique pin that grants them access to the building and their apartment until they move out, at which time their pin is decoded. In short, there are no keys in circulation, which limits potential safety risks.

In addition to the increased safety these locks ensure, they are also more convenient for our customers. Because these locks do not require a key, the potential for lockouts due to losing a key or a jammed lock is completely eliminated. Clients can also change their pin easily, should there be a need. Not only do these new locks increase the safety of our apartments, but they are more convenient and efficient for our customers.

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