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Restoration Project at 412 W. Marshall Street

Inspired by the unique character and history of Jackson Ward, we are excited to embark on a renovation of the exterior building at 412 W Marshall Street! This exterior structure was once an industrial building, but now serves as a three-car garage in the backyard. As the new building owner, we noticed that this space was not only being under-utilized, but it also stood as an eye-sore in the neighborhood. In order to restore the structure to its full potential, we will be renovating the current garage space to maintain parking for three cars, while adding a new one-bedroom apartment! Because maintaining the cultural charm of Jackson Ward is integral to our mission, we are working with local builders and architects to preserve all of its historic features, including the brickwork and original iron bars and trussing. We are pleased to work with the community to restore this neglected space, while contributing high-quality, affordable housing that truly reflects the character of Jackson Ward.

As viewed from the front: The Interior:

Proposed Renovation:

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