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Poop Happens... Sign Contest!

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Pets are permitted in only certain University Property buildings, and even then only in exceptional and/or limited circumstances. Our staff, many of whom you see around your building or speak to on the phone, tend to be wistful about this policy. We are all pet lovers at heart.

Our policy exists for many reasons: legal liability, cleanliness, pest control impact, safety, etc.

Where we do permit dogs, we require in our leases that residents pick up after their furry friends in order to keep the shared grounds clean for others, and to spare the shoe soles of their neighbors. Repeat violators of this policy are subject to sanction, including lease termination.

We will be posting signage to remind our neighbors with dogs that they must pick after them. We have found many creative and fun options for signage, such as these:

We have an inclination, however, that our residents may have creative ideas for signage that are better than what’s available to us in the commercial markets. Accordingly, we invite all of our residents to submit their own artwork to us! Let the creative juices flow. You could feature your very own canis or a known offending neighbor… But keep it appropriate and clean enough to print. Then, with the winning artist’s permission, we’ll use that signage around our buildings. Good luck to all of the contestants!

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